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At CRM we are aware of the potential risks that involve working in explosive and hazardous areas. We conform to and ensure that all our work is carried out strictly to the AS 3000 and AS2381.

If you have a plant and need assistance with the installation of electrical equipment in hazardous areas, we can arrange a full turnkey installation.

This means that we will manage the installation project from beginning to end, so you can concentrate on more important tasks. We are able to move, install and integrate electrical equipment for hazardous areas for your convenience.

Common hazardous area electrical maintenance work is where work is carried out in environments where potentially explosive atmospheres may be present in the form of gases, vapours or combustible dusts. It needs to be done in accordance with some additional technical standards other than AS3000.

If you’re planning a development project in a sensitive or dangerous area and think you may require the services of an experienced professional, call CRM Electrical Control & Air Conditioning.

Examples of Hazardous Are work:

• Hazardous area inspection / testing and reporting.
• Mining industry.
• Agricultural silos and storage facilities.
• Electrical installations in potentially explosive atmospheres.
• Specialist services in all areas including universities, marinas, paint stores.

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